Food, fun and Cinco de Mayo!!

My Chicken Tortilla Soup
 In a few days, I will be hosting a Supper Club at my home, I am very excited.  This is so much fun because, everybody has to PREPARE their dish, based on the recipes from the host. I find it a culinary experience each month because, I love to cook! The theme  this month is "Cinco de Mayo- fifth of May", it is a celebration for the Mexican communities in Mexico and North America; it represents the Mexican defeat of French Troops at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. (Just a little history for you)

I love to make Mexican food especially Chicken Tortilla Soup (see photo). I think I may have this recipe down to a science but, there is always room for improvement. The menu is as follows;

• Guacamole (hopefully my friend Erika will make her famous recipe…hint hint)

• Pico de Gallo

• Chicken Tortilla Soup

• Cheese Quesadillas

• Huevos Rancheros

• Carnitas w/ Lime Rice

• Crab and Avocado Soft Tacos and let's not forget dessert. . .

• Churros (of course),

• Guava, Lime & Tequila Sherbet

• Peach & Pecan Empanadas

I want to have a variety of flavors and textures on the menu, this will ensure a great eating experience for everyone. I really love Mexican foods so, there will be extra condiments for the table such as; Habnero Sauce, limes, various salsas and CILANTRO (either you love it or hate it). I LOVE IT!

In the spirit of Mexico, I'm  looking forward to decorating a perfect table to represent the life and fun found when visiting the lands. Decorations will be bright colors with a traditional flare, I want my guest to feel happy and full by the end of dinner.  With all the work to do, I probably need to get off the blog and get to work.  I hope I'm not missing anything?

Adios amigos!

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