For the Love of Burberry

Every Fall, I look for new cashmere items to add to my wardrobe. I often resort to Burberry, they have the best cashmere selection.  I own a lovely Burberry Wrap Shawl with pockets, that I wear every year and the Burberry Captains hat to match! I like to be warm and cute! I also pull out my various Burberry handbags but, this year I am going to update the Burberry Wardrobe. When looking at the Burberry website, I found my new LOVE. . .The Burberry Large Haymarket Brogue Tote Bag!

Photo Courtesy of Burberry Website

This bag wears well with, camel colors and all black. I not only has structure it has room for all my "purse items" including my large Louis Vuitton GM Agenda. I love mixing my designers together so, I won't look so matchy matchy! 

In order to fulfill my love of Burberry, definitely have to have these boots for the Winter here in Indy. . .not practical but, very very cute! I think I can manage in the snow with these!

Photo Courtesy of Burberry

Now that I have shared some of my true loves by Burberry,what are some of your favorite items? If you haven't done so already, go to the Burberry Website and view the some of the awesome fashion shows. You will be amazed at the collections.

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