Pull the CLUTCH!!

As fall sets in, I try to pull my go to items in my closet.  My "GO TO" items are the ones that I can use if I am in a pinch, running out the door.  I love my big bags and totes but, my favorite is a lovely clutch! A clutch can be the key accessory to add the finishing touch to an outfit. I have some great clutches in my closet but, I have 3 favorites...and I don't play favorites with my handbags but, these are my FAVS!

Photo courtesy of cdk mgmt

The top left clutch is the Silk Tie Clutch from J Crew and the bottom left clutch is by Gucci (I love the little purse charm on this one) and the clutch on the right adds texture to any outfit, this one is my real "GO TO" clutch by Banana Republic. This Banana Republic clutch is always in reach, I can carry this with jeans or a LBD.

The clutch purse was originally designed for ladies to carry handkerchiefs and smelling salts. Now, women may have a money/credit cards, compact or lipstick and my favorite. . .the BlackBerry.  With my love of big bags and totes, I do find myself tossing a cute clutch in my bag/tote. That way I will be prepared if, a friend calls and want to meet for drinks or dinner. Or if you are running errands and you don't want to carry a big bag, use a clutch.

 I am always on the prowl for new or vintage pieces to add to my collection.  If you don't already have a clutch, I suggest you go out and start looking for the one item that no woman should be without. If you have tons like it do, then Pull the Clutch and head out the door!

Send us pictures of your favorite clutch, and let see who has the most unique clutch... Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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