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In my quest to find the perfect daily planner [believe me I've done the leg work] while looking I find so many that are  totally useless.  And people always say "why don't you use your smartphone?" ... uhmmm because I don't want too! I am the type of person that has to write everything down or I WILL FORGET.  If you want me to remember, you better say "are you writing this down?"  =) 

What I like in a daily planner. . .

1.  Cute and fashionable...if it is not CUTE I want no parts of it.
2.  Must have sections for; To Do List, Daily Calendar, Notes and Expenses
3.  Plenty of extra space to jot down mental notes [note to self]
4. Functionality and not too large, it has to fit in my purse, and not weigh it down.

With that being said, this is my new favorite daily planner by erin condren it's called the THE LIFE PLANNER .  FABULOUS! I can toss it in my bag and be on my also has a plastic zip pocket and stash pocket for papers, postage stamps or whatever you need.  The neat thing that  erin condren has done , she  adds calling cards and labels to match your planner for FREE. Great little find, it's ideal for the busy and fashion savvy lady!

Photos Courtesy of
Photos Courtesy of
You have to get one!  Happy 2013 ~ Get organized for new beginnings. . .and do it in style!

all the best!


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